43 thoughts on “Worst Drag Racing Crash in History…….(so far)….

  1. Basically what you need instead of a track is a square. So if you lose the racing straight line you don't crash into a barrier, you just head in a different direction. All drag racing crashes occur because the racer loses the line. The solution is to not have a physical line but a square, with the lines painted on.

  2. Ok, this video was made in 2008 and in my opinion, an even worse accident took place at Texas in 2005, I think you now know what I'm talking about, Bruce Allen and Kenny Koresky had an even worse crash before this video was published soooooooooo, I don't think this is the worse Dragster crash in history…but of course, we all have our own opinions so I'm not saying its no doubt not the worst Dragster crash in history

  3. The friday 13th curse also aplys to black cats….John Parry Thomas, who was decapitated by the wheel chain of his car "Babs" in early speed trials in the 20's had rejected all charms as hocus….until a little girl gave him a black cat neclace type charm….he obliged her ….being kind and all…and omfg did he cop it….(speed machines–land speed records vid)….i'll stick to good shoes as my lucky charm thanx.

  4. The evolution of the old head shearing post rail system,to the aluminum light rail system,…better to disparate the energy and that was almost a full head on impact into the rail,….they need concrete to protect the crowd and officials after that terrain determines everything! But longer,flatter,dirt n sand,…catch fence maybe. I remember back in the 70’s a lot of small towns had there own drag tracks……safety was done by the fire dept. beat having kids doing it on Friday nights on public roads,…sponsored by the school usually with shop class,…ANYBODY ELSE? Anywho insurance KILLED that idea.

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