Worlds Best & Worst Quad/ATV Wrecks & Crashes

14:02 – KARLSPEED – Mike crash Quads of Nations 2012 – Sorry, the video is a reupload from last year due to a copyright claim …


Author: Moto Madness

37 thoughts on “Worlds Best & Worst Quad/ATV Wrecks & Crashes

  1. My first time on a 4 wheeler, It was winter and there was snow on the ground. I one I was riding, only had brakes on one side and you'd have to pump em. Well I'm going 30ish and start to go slip, knowing brakes suck I hammer down. Then I catch dirt and get flung off. It does a flip and I'm right under it. I was lucky it didn't hit me when it came down.

  2. Broken handles bar… Lol use a stick shove it in the broke end the shove the handle over the stick it'll get ya back slowly lol but use a stick like a dowl rod to hold the bars together back to the truck lol

  3. 11:19 what's was the goal here? did he really think he was going to magically go over it? its practically vertical. you dont need to be a physics expert to see that, that was just gonna launch him. i don't get it.

  4. Today I was riding up a very steep hill and I lost control because my tire hit a rock and I crashed I jumped off before it crashed it went upside down on the hill and my quad went down the hill and flipped 4 times thankfully I was ok

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