WILD RIDES | Scale R/C Drag Racing Crashes | Overkill RC

Since I haven’t had a chance to get outside and film new content, I thought it would be fun to gather up some crashes from RC drag racing events that I’ve …


Author: Overkill RC

12 thoughts on “WILD RIDES | Scale R/C Drag Racing Crashes | Overkill RC

  1. I'm surprised a dedicated drag cars don't have some slippery compound or even plastic treaded tires on the front so there's no way they can over steer…….
    I would rather have a car that has too much traction in the rear and pushes a little bit and the front at high speed then one that will over steer and flip!!!

  2. your videos are way better than mine lol. my channel is adventures with Gage, the one with the fish lo go. I'm going to do stuff with my rcs next just need to know what to do with it lol!

  3. Crash after crash haha. Man those things must be hard to setup. Always enjoy seeing these drag vids man. πŸ‘

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