Wild Crashes at Winter Meltdown No Prep San Antonio Texas

We placed a couple of slippery runs from some cars together. We also put a blue camaro that crashed in the wall which shows how slippery the surface was.


Author: National No Prep Racing Association

30 thoughts on “Wild Crashes at Winter Meltdown No Prep San Antonio Texas

  1. Track looked slick for sure. Would lover to have Natalie in my Stocking Christmas Morning. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Natalie and everyone else at National No Prep Racing Association!!!

  2. The camera person needs to focus better get some better equipment. And that blue Camaro should have loaded up on the trailer after his first crappy run. There's obviously an issue with that car.

  3. The s10 looked cartoon like the way it tipped over. The blue early 70 model camaro, he just can't no prep PERIOD. WTF was that joker thinking? He must of wanted to be a crash test dummy. I say to the s10 and camaro, next time do some testing other wise just watch nd take notes.

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