WHEN STREET RACING GOES BAD – Best Onboard Compilation [Sportbikes] – Part 5

moto #car #videos [This is how NOT to ride a motorcycle, we do NOT encourage you to ride liks this. Ride safe please] When you race on the streets you know …


Author: The Speed King

20 thoughts on “WHEN STREET RACING GOES BAD – Best Onboard Compilation [Sportbikes] – Part 5

  1. "Kudos to this rider, he now rides in heaven"? What kind of stupid squid talk is this. There is no heaven, this jackass is just dead. And you're congratulating him for that?

  2. RIP to all the squids in this video who died or will die because they are terrible riders. Actually, good riddance. Natural
    selection at work.

  3. People obey the law and drive safe making a safe environment,
    If everybody drove like idiots there will be so many accidents and deaths.
    If you want to race go to a track, do not endanger of drivers and people.

  4. Idiots! Turn to Jesus Christ guys because you are going to meet Him a lot sooner that you would like! Jesus said, "Whoever loves Me will KNOW AND KEEP My commands." And "whoever SAYS he KNOWS Him but does not do what He commands is a LIAR and the truth is not in him." (Jn 14:21, 1 Jn 2:4-emphasis mine) You have been warned and will be "without excuse!"

  5. morons on motorcycles die yelling owwee, owee
    they buy something waaay above their ability, then drive it like they're real professional riders. hint they're not, then they get their DARWIN AWARDS
    i could care less if they die, but that pos riding that pos 700lb thing can kill someone in a car. that, i do care about.

  6. This video is boring AF, that first crash was okay, could of made this video better by adding more crashes.
    Love to see the courage these bikers have riding these two wheel open coffins, or stupidity, depends which side of the coffin you're on.

  7. At least when people who drive motorcycles like crazy people they're the ones that die not like people who street race cars and kill innocent people.

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