When MUSTANGS ATTACK! INSANE Drag Racing Crashes

A crazy compilation of all Mustang crashes and mishaps from various dragstrips across the US. All drivers were OK, the Mustangs not so much.



46 thoughts on “When MUSTANGS ATTACK! INSANE Drag Racing Crashes

  1. Why the hell do they dont head to the side of the lane when they got problems, hate breaks for cleaning up oil

  2. Two things; Mustangs can't go around corners, and they can't go in a straight line either. Seems that they have a magnetic attraction to walls-

  3. 1:10 "And I'm telling you that's how fast it happens right there!"…….. Everyone saw how fast it happened. Why does he have to tell anyone?

  4. F*** that wall !!!!!! I think that wall shouldn't even be there!!!??!?!Its ridiculous and I think these drag strips don't give a s*** about you or your CAR!!!!😵

  5. It is insane to me why tracks don't put a gravel pit between the track & retaining wall. It would save car damage and save track oil spillage. Yes, gravel will fly but, no one is downwind.

  6. I didnt see anything out of the ordinary in the video, just Mustangs doing what they do. a video that shows Mustangs not hitting the wall, now that would be an amazing video!

  7. Im thinking that the Mustang driver is the same and he only re-painted , and change the body kit or the model of the car

  8. That last one🤦‍♂️ I can only imagine the heartache from the track crew cleaning that 5 foot wide oil line off 800 + foot of track….

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