17 thoughts on “Vintage Trucks & Classic Cars Show – Generation Oldschool

  1. Ha ha ha, the 55^___^ Well, the 58 Buick Century was SWEET!    Thanks, For Sharing Where we couldn't be!   My 55 Buick Special isn't final yet…. And, I found a 55 Century instead^____^   Just wish it was Black and White….. I'll never complain though!   LOVE IT!!!

  2. I loved the Pontiac, but my favorite ride of the video has to be the red square body Chevy dually that was laying frame!👌🌴Aloha🌴

  3. Another amazing video papa thank you. They gonna have a truck show in Ocala at the Don Garlits museum off 75 exit 341. The show is on feb 8 2020. Please tell Chucksee to bring his trucks to Ocala. And tell all your friends too please. Gracias mi hermanito

  4. Thank you for all you do to bring us sunshine and beauty, Your photography is outstanding, the music adds richness…but we miss seeing your wife…all the best

  5. Congratulations on your channel.
    I saw the teal color '59 Apache at Wal-Mart on sunday 🌙
    That truck is amazingly beautiful.
    Keep up the fine work.

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