Top 10 WORST Drag Racing WRECKS from 2019

Wrecks are the LAST thing we want to see at the race track..but unfortunately they do happen. Here is a look at the Top 10 NASTIEST wrecks we filmed from the …


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40 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST Drag Racing WRECKS from 2019

  1. "Wrecks are the LAST thing we want to see at the race track" yet every time you post a video of a WRECK or a CRASH or a FAIL or a FIRE you make sure to capitalize those words in the description. I have no problem with posting up crash videos, but don't pretend like you don't want to see them. You know it brings in more views which makes you more money so you highlight and bring as much attention to them as possible.

  2. They should add safer barriers like in nascar to the outside of all drag strips to provide more absorbent walls instead of concrete barriers

  3. I’ve watched this a few times when it first came out. A couple things:
    1: how come the boogeyman v honey badger wreck isn’t on the list? Pretty intense, especially with what happened to the car and trailer after.
    2: we not gonna talk about how tough the radiators in numbers 5 & 3? Lol.
    3: the bmw v gtr crash, is the gtr now covered with insurance cause the Beamer hit him? Lol.
    Good job guys. Going through and watching some good vids again. 🤙🏻

  4. The model a crash was so bad like you literally see that man's rear diff along with the axles and tires just yeet on outa there

  5. There is absolutely no way that blue BMW in #4 didn't intentionally hit that GTR. I watched it at least 10 times, that was calculated. That driver should be fined and banned for life for that. I don't wanna hear he lost traction at 130mph in that slow ass car, don't even try boys.

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