31 thoughts on “Top 10 Race Car WRECKS!

  1. How about the top 10 bozos who run down the track , oh look at the guy running man that will solve everything, glad I went to the races ….

  2. Most of the crashes wouldn’t have happened if they would have let off the gas they just stayed on the gas even though there car was sideways

  3. 2 things,
    1st, what makes these fat, lazy fuckers think when their boys car wrecks they're going to be able to run the 1/4 mile on foot to see how things are?
    2nd. How do you admit on camera over & over that you're street racing but not end up in jail?

  4. Spend $15 and take it to the track – – don't street race.
    I saw a 22 year old kid in Tampa as a quadriplegic in a bed in his dad's livingroom as the dad was selling off his collection of 10 Harleys to pay for a street racing crash. My Bro got a sweet Dyna and this kid and his dad lost everything. It's NOT worth it.

  5. Well there is one way you should freak oht is if the wreck actually happens i front of you like car hits the rail infront of you like right infront of you thats a way you should

  6. Hey I’m glad you are known more man because you are a delightful man and should of earned the first person spot on the drags keep up the amazing work man.

  7. They need too rejuvenate or dig up that track and pave a new one . That track sucks . Just think how much $ it cost to rebuild all those race cars.

  8. Racing at the track is fine. However on the street like that is ridiculous. Could have killed an innocent person jack ass

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