The Wildest Wrecks and Crashes in Drag Racing! (Updated)

The Wildest Wrecks and Crashes in Drag Racing! The previous upload had some incorrect footage in the first section. Our apologies. This updated version is …


Author: Door Slammers Drag Racing

31 thoughts on “The Wildest Wrecks and Crashes in Drag Racing! (Updated)

  1. Look at all these tracks and all these accidents those tracks are slicker that ice and I’ve never seen so many people standing at the starting line seems kind of ridiculous to me . Every track on every accident is nothing but junk I would ride my bicycle down it !!

  2. wat a boring motorsport xD these crashes are the only interesting part. and boomers act surprised that young ppl are into drifting and rally these days….

  3. That bullhorn exhaust looks like shit either go zoomy’s or hide the headers under the car it looks so much better these NPK guys can’t drive for shit

  4. 16 55. Da boss l fink da car is damaged ……."you don't say" !!! On a serious note . All these owners /builders that put every last penny into these motors and in seconds there damaged or destroyed…..and then they rebuild them and try again! Now that's commitment.

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