The Biggest Crashes in the History of DRAGSTER

Hi Everyone! Here is a New video, The biggest crashes in the history of DRAGSTERS. Of course, there are no all Big crashes … There are no Fatal Crashes in …


Author: Mo Dai

20 thoughts on “The Biggest Crashes in the History of DRAGSTER

  1. You know what? I have watched this stuff. I now DESPISE these clips: can't even be fucked to say who the poor prick was that was having the crap of the life being beaten of them. So take other people's clips and "compilation" them ( rip them off) add some "compiled" (ripped off) music….and do not eve bother to say who is suffering, let alone attribute the footage or the ripped video/audio.

    What really SHITS me is that these days these wankers actually have the sewer minds to fucking watermark "their" videos. What heap of shit.

  2. Very entertaining video … and my personal thanks to the inventor of the 'mute' button on my PC Bose Sound…. I'd rather listen to fingernails being dragged across a blackboard than that sorry crap on this vid.

  3. Sorry but there were some fatalities in this video for i recognize them from other videos. So your statement of no fatalities is false

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