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Author: Joe Castelli

50 thoughts on “SUPRA CRASHES AND RUNS FROM THE COPS! (Street Race Fail)

  1. That's another one for the drift tax (thought it was already ruined before the crash). American/western JDM Bros and Supra cultists are a scourge.

  2. Man bro people really need to get good tires when they do pulls in high power cars. Same thing happened to my dad in his single turbo 2jz swapped is300. Bad tires, car broke loose and hit a street light pole

  3. Overrated car, because of some movie. And all these fools act like they just witnessed the assassination of JFK, all over again. Get a life.

  4. I hear y'all in the middle of the night on weekends in the summer racing up Mt Read past Jay & Lyell. It's annoying af. Next time someone crashes I hope they die and need a closed casket funeral. 🤣

  5. Some people just don’t understand you can’t be careless in a car this strong. You need driving skills to control a car of this magnitude. Sad to this car like that. Glad nobody was severely hurt.

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