47 thoughts on “Rotary Engine Car Crashes

  1. As a rotary fan myself, I hate seeing rotary powered cars turn into a Mustang. And please, PLEASE do not bring back the crappy music.

  2. Ha!,,on his lid,,almost stopped sliding,  and the moron pulls the chute.  Classical wizzbanger mentailty.  Love these vids, it explains alot about these crowds.

  3. Well why not shorten the width on your muscle cars, if it such a good idea?
    How are they even qualified or allowed to race? Those cars are like sticking a rocket engine on a pencil, and expecting it to go straight. Those top fuel dragsters that are skinny are dropped as low as possible to the ground, while also balanced for the purpose, plus a lot longer, ultimately making it safe to drag.
    The factory cars are (Why would you manufacture such a skinny car? You could just basically make it into a one seater. Two fat guys would be crammed together on a roller coaster ride!)way to skinny: NHRA (rotary rules) Section 5, wheels and tires: "
    not extend outside body line"!!? So why was it designed that way? Did "they" see it coming…?
    I don't want to lose my brain this early in  the morning trying to find the frame height… but wouldn't help it to stay balanced if it was dropped to the ground?
    The has to be a squirrely ass, scary car to drive down the track!!

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