Racing Crashes and Car Fails On-board Camera Compilation #4 2013

Car Crash Dash Cam On-board Camera Compilation #4. This week we look at racing crashes. Top car crash videos all rolled into ONE! Channel is updated …


Author: Dash Cam Videos UK

35 thoughts on “Racing Crashes and Car Fails On-board Camera Compilation #4 2013

  1. Sehr gutes Studienmaterial. Es gilt also immer: Bereits vor der Kurve ausreichend abbremsen. Ein Abbremsen/Lupfen in der Kurve ohne Gegenlenken führt zum Übersteuern. Abgebremst in die Kurve, dann vorsichtig Gas geben und im Untersteuerungsmodus rausziehen.

  2. Why are there no open wheels,Why are there no le mans crashes,Why are there no formula 1 crashes wich is the father of motorsport and why only northsceliefe?! Boriiing I'm out

  3. That freaking Seat crashing out the McLaren at 2:20 God damn, soo sad! And my favourite 3:27 Song "Please don't go" right in the moment when the Grip gets lost! xD 

  4. Pilotone espertissimo Klaus Ludwig… Ha un incidente e pretende di tenere le mani sul volante.
    Guida agonistica, lezione 1:
    In caso di incidente prima dell'urto togliere le mani dal volante e ritrarre i piedi il più possibile.

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