Racer Survives Nitrous Explosion!!

In this video we are in Muskogee , Oklahoma at the Okie raceway for its first shootout. Okie raceway is an old airstrip that was shutdown for this race to happen.


Author: National No Prep Racing Association

27 thoughts on “Racer Survives Nitrous Explosion!!

  1. Step one-buy big tire car off racing junk
    Step two-dont do any research on tuning,chassis or suspension set up
    Step 3-dont know what to do when engine shuts down after you smacked the wall with a intake full of nitrous,because you didnt follow step 2
    Step 4-blow hood off car and catch fire
    Step 5-panic and have no clue what to do because you didnt do step 2
    Step 6-sell car on racing junk “clean no prep car,never hurt”

  2. Freddy the Fireman got a little carried away don't you think? The fire was essentially out, all he had to do was stand by for a flare up rather than dosing the the entire car ruining what was still decent. Didn't see anyone go to the back of the car for the electrical disconnect either.

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