One of the Hardest Wrecks We’ve EVER Seen!

This was absolutely without a DOUBT, one of the HARDEST Wrecks We’ve EVER Seen! You NEVER want to see someones hard work take a turn for the worst …


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  1. why are the walls at a dragstrip cement? Design the wall to be the plastic kind with a sand runoff area like the end of the track…put a rail in the middle to prevent the cars from colliding….never could understand this.

  2. That young lady pulled her self together shows some charector building going on, popes should be proud of his brave daughters courage and tenacity real cool to watch always fellas want be driving along in these and at least we can with you along for the ride.

  3. That malibu looks just like one i had back in my early 20s that i built. got in trouble with the law and had to sell it. guy outa greenville mississippi bought it and was gonna run it there on the 1/8 mile track. i know its probably not the same car, but man thats heartbreaking to watch.

  4. Man you gotta love Alex. Every time I see that red camaro roll into a lane I can't help but root for her. Love it when the 1320 guys interview her and her positive attitude. Not just here but every interview I've ever seen with her.

  5. Green used to be considered a bad luck color on the quarter. I had a neighbor when I was a kid who hand painted the graphics on countless drag cars back in the 60s.
    One guy wanted a gator so he's painting & the guy freaks the hell out, gives him a lecture on green so the gator turned out grey after that. Like most stories he shared, he'd come over & shoot the shit when I was working on my 80 Malibu….which was green until it wrecked & I redid the whole thing flat black with purple flames. Surprisingly all the neighbors who were in their late 70s/80s didn't mind the open headers, they enjoyed it esp since it pissed off the young yuppies that started moving in.

    Another interesting story about him was that he survived a flamethrower rupture on his back while fighting in the Pacific so he was covered in heavy scars, happened on Iwo Jima if I remember correctly.

  6. Ce qui et dingues en Amérique c est qu il y a des centaines de gens qui ont des caisses de malade et savent meme pas ce qu elle as dans le ventres avec tout les circuits qui y a la bas

  7. I have a 92 Volvo 240 wagon if anyone wants to sponsor me. I'm a full-time father of a daughter who will be the owner someday. I'm saying I can make meets I'm just broke……hint hint.

  8. I'm so glad that man was ok, Jesus. That was a ghost from the past. My very last race ended like that, only I didn't walk away from it. I had to have a plethora of surgeries to piece together my lower spine and a large part of my left leg. Now I just turned 30 and still have problems in bad weather and can't work hard jobs anymore. Two bolts was all it took for the harness to fail which ripped the seat loose and one of the cage bars to spear me in the back, slammed into the dashboard after that. REMEMBER THIS : CHECK EVERYTHING TWICE. That man was lucky, I'm glad he's ok.

  9. Is it me or did that burnt car look a LOT further away from where it broke through the wall than when it was burning? That made no sense… 100ft. away?????? W T F?

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