28 thoughts on “NHRA Funny Car Driver Scott Kalitta Dies in Crash

  1. Darrell Russell died in his dragster racing this guy how ironic is this. May they both rest in peace. They died doing what they loved. This should be a reminder to ALL forms of Racing.

  2. O, No!
    I've been out of NHRA,
    For A While.
    10+ years.
    I had absolutely No Idea Scott Passed!
    He Died
    Doing What He Loved.
    What A Sad, Sad Shame.
    Condolences To His Family.

  3. I’m just getting into racing and learning about the history of the different variations of the sport, and I’ve already seen quite a few crashes but nothing near as wild as this😳

  4. wow thats impressive that at 2 different angles you can clearly see that the car caught fire. seems to me that the driver did all he could well when he got to the point of where the fire started the car caught fire well when the car caught fire the fire alone was so much that the car went flying

  5. at first I didn’t get the reference in cars 2 when mater was trying out disguises and when he said funny car he turned into a yellow drag racing car. Now I know..

  6. This should never have happened, a 1/8 – 1/4 mile gravel run-off pit instead of a re-inforced concrete wall would have saved many lives and Drag Racing would still be going the extra 320 feet.

  7. Why was there no catch net and sand trap? I thought it was mandatory for NHRA certified tracks to have those in place. Maybe he would of lived maybe not, we will never know. R.I.P.

  8. whats sux most is that guys like warren Johnson had been sayin it for years that somethin had to be dne,an now thryre at 1k foot but its still not enough, those nets are gonna take lives as well, u just cant stop that fast, extentions need to be done and mandated, money factors and nostalgic locations just aren't worth the lives of fuel drivers. god speed the next unforgiven soul to sacrifice their life for the love of speed

  9. I stopped watching and attending any NHRA and ESPN events !!! Because of this accident, as it is called !!! That Track in Englishtown New Jersey was made in the 50s, when the top speed then was 150mph !!! And at the time of Scott's death !!! The cars were going over 300+mph and the same track length !!! What I'm talking about… The 1/4 mile is 1320 feet but the rest of the track becomes very important when cars are going 300+mph, because they still have to shut down and come to a complete stop !!! NHRA AND ESPN makes so many Millions on these Racing Events !!! That they should buy more Real Estate to make the tracks longer and a more appropriate shut down area for these cars of today !!! I don't think that Scott's Death was an accident !!! I think it was negligence and greed in the NHRAs and ESPNs part !!! They should be held responsible for Scott's Death !!! I posted my comments like this one at the time that Scott Died and NHRA and ESPN had all the videos related to this incident removed from YouTube even if they were a private citizen's video, claiming Copyright infringement !!! Because they know they're guilty of taking Scott Kalita's life !!! Not only is that a really bad thing !!! But, instead of using some of the Millions of dollars that they make off of the fans, and buy Real Estate and make the tracks more acceptable for vehicles that do more than 300+mph !!! They went and shorten the 1/4(1320feet) to 1000feet !!! They had the audacity to change the Sport instead of accommodating the track to the cars !!! Wally Parks and Scott Kalita must be rolling in their graves for actions that NHRA and ESPN did to the Sport !!! Drag Racing is a 1/4 mile (1320feet) not 1000 feet !!! I have Boycotted NHRA and ESPN Events and so should anyone that thinks that it is wrong to change the Sport instead of buying Real Estate to make appropriate shut down area on these tracks !!! I had the honor and pleasure in meeting Scott a few times in my life !!! I wrote this with total respect to Scott and the Kalita Family !!! Race in Peace Scott !!! You are Missed Very Much !!!

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