Mustang CRASHES Racing Dodge Demon!!

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31 thoughts on “Mustang CRASHES Racing Dodge Demon!!

  1. The guy racing the Mustang is one of the top grudge racers in the area and knows how to control his vehicle, but sometimes even the best can lose control. I am so glad that he is okay and neither one of us was injured. We can always replace vehicles but a human life is irreplaceable. Don't be too hard on this guy and let's learn that we all need to have safety equipment, because accidents can happen and will happen. And remember he was racing at a track with medical services available and not endangering the public. After his car stopped, he exited the vehicle, took off his helmet and I pulled up and asked him if he was okay and he was more concerned about me. Once I determined he was okay I cleared the scene so emergency services could attend to him. Great guy, great night we never lose we only learn.

  2. can someone explain how straight driving can swerve and get into accident? is it user error where they tilt steering slightly and then mix it with speed ..? I don't wanna do any racing now lol

  3. Yo I laughed out loud at work at the Elon Musk part in the intro lol. Glad everybody was okay, you just can't be too safe around these mustangs these days lol!

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