Hot Rod Drag Racing Crash Jalopy Showdown Drags Beaver Springs Dragway

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Author: Drag Strip Riot

49 thoughts on “Hot Rod Drag Racing Crash Jalopy Showdown Drags Beaver Springs Dragway

  1. ooooh that's a bummer, probably crashed because of the GAY front suspension.. needs an axle under it like a real hot rod.

  2. I love 5 window coupes and this hurts to watch. They make great hot rods for the street and driving one on the top end would scare the shit out of me.

  3. cool car! seems like almost no one has the kahonies to build a car like this and race it thumbs up! accidents happen when you push things hard that aren't slow.

  4. you know what he did some  fine driving  you cant save all of them if don't like ford or chevy what is it? you own a dam Honda lolol:?

  5. There is NOTHING like seeing a 5 window coming out of the hole on two wheels, and to my fellow racers, if you watch closely, you can see he came out of the hole crooked and was heading right for the 330' marker. He ALMOST saved it! I applaud him for that! And yeah, you get a street car sideways like this and you're going to the hospital or in a grave

  6. Yeah take it from someone who has experienced the same thing although mine didn't roll over but I don't know what kept that from happening. I was on 9.20 run in a s10 with nitrous. At the 1/8 mark it came around and I was along for the ride. I tried to steer it but I got lucky. It happens so fast you don't have time to do anything

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