Drag Racing Wrecks, Wheelies & Close Calls Compilation

It’s a couple of months until the drag racing season starts off here in the UK so I’ve gone back through some footage from the last 5 years and found some wrecks …


Author: Mk1Kieran

32 thoughts on “Drag Racing Wrecks, Wheelies & Close Calls Compilation

  1. It's pretty simple… The track has to much of an up hill grade from the start.. Picture sitting at a red light in the rain or snow on an uphill grade and than punching it when the light turns green.. Not too smart 🤦‍♂️

  2. The guy who crashed at 5:30 deserved to have his car catch fire simply because of the way he choose to act. He acted like a complete ass!

  3. Watching that moron trying to operate his ATV fire suppression kit is just shameful. The seconds he lost fumbling around could have been the difference between life or death…for a person, or the car. Just plane shameful watching this guy panic in the face of, well, doing his job. (or not doing his job in this case) Notice, their main, big white spray truck didn't function either and couldn't spray a drop. People burn to death when shit like this happens.

  4. 3 races in and never racing at Santa pod ever…. track is clearly covered in water, the safety crew has nonidea what they fuck they're doing. fucking circus came to town and took over the Santa pod raceway

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