11 thoughts on “Drag Racing Crashes Fires Explosions & Wheel Stands

  1. Who told You it would RUIN the motor ? Ruin ? what you mean is they wouldn't be able to get it ready for another round if it was covered in powder ..Hey fella there are other chemicals Or Halon .. So anyway You Run a serious Bottle Car at a Drag racing event BUT you don't bring anything to put a backfire out with except your lips ? So how that work for them ???

  2. Wait wait wait …These complete egg heads idiots line up a Spray car without a fire extinquisher ? With a N2o car and then after it burps they "Blow on it" Oh Boy can you two fellas be on my crew . Your just bitchin ….but then this was in Texas right ? figures…

  3. Don' you use CO2 extinguishers in the states ?
    Short sharp blast of CO2 on a carb fire or anything like that. no mess and deffo no rebuild.

  4. Prolly dont want fire extinguisher stuff all down the manifold.Let it burn out and replace some hoses,spray that stuff in the engine and who knows,possible rebuild.

  5. The last section when one of the cars caught fire. One of the pit crew actually blocking a track official from putting out the fire? What gives? Is he stupid or what?

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