Drag Racing Crashes Close Calls and Fireballs

Drag Racing Crashes Close Calls and Fireballs, a collection of videos that I have taken in 2018. You will see some crashes that happened at the Byron …


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46 thoughts on “Drag Racing Crashes Close Calls and Fireballs

  1. Why do most of the cars just allow themselves to keep rolling after engine blowouts or crashes. Most of them don't even try to brake or try to stop. No brake lights ever come on or anything. Serious question though, not into racing at all and wanted to know.

  2. If your car is on fire bale out & let that sucker burn😃🤗😊😎☺️☺😬😁😆😄😇🙂😅👿😈

  3. You want know if people still care about one another just let some one crash and then you can here a pen drop that's how you know everybody still cares ….this sport is not about winning or losing this sport is about making it home afterwards

  4. Call me weird , no prep is a waste , 1/8 mile is bullshit , use the Xmas tree . 1320 WFO ON A PREPPED SURFACE !!! That's drag racing at it's best .

  5. If I came up against some of this junk I'd just sit there, let them make their 'run' then maybe go. You can tell by looking at some of this crap it shouldn't even be out there.

  6. @ 6.05?? Anti-freeze?? in a race car?? That's like signing your own death warrant!! REALLY?? Obviously not much of a Tech. Dept. at this track!!

  7. Concrete is obviously a terrible catch wall😱😱😱. Lessons from NASCAR? How many died before Dale?

    Another couple of bucks on admission price, from attendees who want drivers to remain solvent and healthy, might help finance such projects.

    Track operators collect gate $$$ and racers no doubt sign off on personal injury and damages to their rides. Win/lose.😢

  8. In quite a few clips when one car is a mustang that's usually the car that's gonna crash because of how prone they are to losing control

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