Drag Racing Crashes and Close Calls

Watch the most crazy Drag Racing Crashes and Close Calls from Street Outlaws Live No Prep Kings races, Dirty South No Prep, and Byron Wheelstand Contest.


Author: tomeighty

37 thoughts on “Drag Racing Crashes and Close Calls

  1. I have been watching these all afternoon. And is just me, or do the newer Mustangs seem to have stability issues ? They seem to get loose quite often and the drivers are having trouble saving the run.

  2. WTF. Why are there peeps on a live track when the other car (silver thing) hasn’t even commenced its burnout…!!!! Luckily he didn’t get loose then…idiots.

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    1:16 💙🔥
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  4. Hey look you can think all these Guys are hero's if you wan to .But I'm telling you just because you happen to have the cash does NOT mean you are a drag car driver. Every one of these guys who you see wreck at the top end did so because they could NOT overcome the Inherent need to punch down on the brake pedal PERIOD . Each clown who stomped on the brake pedal wrecks into the wall .. Oh sure they will tell you they just "Tapped" the pedal .. Hey Genius if you throw the laundry and allow the "DRAG" chute time yes you can then tap the brake pedal .. certainly NEVER before it ..

  5. There was one time where I was at a drag race and there were two identical cobra jets racing, when the made it to the end, both of their engines exploded at the same time

  6. It sucks watching all those beautiful cars getting smashed up like that , all that money , time & labor 💀💀

  7. I love drag racing but just understand the whole "No prep" concept let's make a car with ad much horsepower as possible and put it on a track with as least amount of grip as we can makes no sense to me!

  8. I feel like their camber wasn't done right. Both the Camaro and the Mustang was not meant as a straight up drag car, and for that reason the camber and some other stuff should have been changed

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