42 thoughts on “Drag Racing Crashes

  1. Yep, that's why you take it to the track instead of doing it on the street. At least then you have emergency crews and an inspection to check your ride out. Thanks for sharing. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

  2. why is it that everytime I watch one of these type of videos, it's usually the mustangs that winds up in a wall or blowing up? Oh yeah…mustangs suck! But they're cheap…

  3. That's too bad that happened to that nice car but you did a nice job trying to save that thing you were really up on that wheel

  4. Well I guess installing that new left quarter panel wasn’t the problem after all . Maybe the bent parts from the first time smacking the wall was the reason!!!! That car couldn’t even stage properly.

  5. Honestly, yes we all like to see the crashes but keep in mind these guys mostly do this out of pocket for the love of it. I always think of the following day when they assess the damage and wonder where the money will come from to set things straight.

  6. Needs to be some kind of foam or soft barriers to be on the side of the tracks, to cause less damage to these guys cars, so they could possibly run again, and avoid less injury, or death. To do all that work to have a nice car to race for the fans, themselves, and whoever owns the track, to destroy it, or get injured or die, is not good for anyone. Thanks for the post.

  7. To those of you that make fun of drag racing because it’s only a straight line

    How about you go drive a car in a straight line with 3000 horsepower

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