1. After this being on here for two years or more, isn't it about time that somebody, someone that is/was familiar with that little R100 comes on and gives us the nitty gritty. What kind of engine setup on the rotary, and did they manage to salvage the car, or some of it? I am writing this on 4 June 2017.

  2. If that is a bridge-ported 12A (in Japan the 1137cc engine was called the 12B) it is putting out around 270 HP without nitrous. If it is a 13B bridgeport, around 330 to 350 HP. All that in a chassis that stripped even with full roll cage should go no more than 1900 lbs.

  3. Heartbreaking. Hit the wall with a Chevy or something? So what? But an R100. Tragic. We own an R100 here in Alabama, USA, street ported 12A. Been in the family for 22 years but now we can't drive it because the master cylinder locks up the brakes five minutes into a drive, and we can't find brake replacement parts. Mechanically, strong as can be, but rubber wise, hard to keep running.

  4. The "noooooooo fuck,fuck!" part at the end is a crack up.

    Poor buggere red lighted anyway,still would have been a lose.
    Shame,looked like a nice car. Hope the driver was all good.

  5. It is hard to understand why he would go out so hard after he red lighted and to keep pushing, when it was clearly never going to hook up right, was never going to end well. It is always sad to see truly a fast car take  a hit like that though

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