Drag Crash – Stooge V8 Torana

Chris Theo was very lucky to escape unscathed from this unfortunate accident at Heathcote Park. The very well built V8 powered Holden LX hatchback Torana …


Author: Fullboost

45 thoughts on “Drag Crash – Stooge V8 Torana

  1. What is with some of the comments on this video?
    That Torana is a tough car.
    And "those bogans" are more then likely the drivers kids, crew or close mates.
    So pipe down, you insensitive fucks.

  2. Typical drag car, dont handle dont steer. It did not launch very hard and went hard right then the totally bound up rear suspension rolled it over on the [over] correction

  3. In Australia, safety is done properly, as seen in this video!

    Standard Australian safety protocol (Est. 1982) is as follows: 
    3 bogans run to crashed car from start line. 
    1 safety ute drives safely from finish line to crashed car to ensure the safety ute is safe.

    Once all safety personnel reach crashed car, their main job is to assure the driver (who is responsible for his own removal from crashed car) by saying "Na, should be alright" "I can only see 1 dent and even that should buff out. Yea na, should be alright." "We got it on video" etc. Until the tractor car flipping team arrive 30 to 60 minutes later. 

    This safety protocol has worked without fail since 1982 and will continue to work indefinitely.

    Australia, where safety happens.

  4. Recovery crew did as much damage as the wall did. Cmon guys, be fuckin gentle, stop bein so fuckin lazy, 5 guys could have easily put that back on its feet without dropping it down like that.

  5. Gee thank god two 12 year olds were there to run out on the track like heroes with no fire extinguisher or training SMH

    Probably had a GTA related PTSD episode and were running out to kick him and steal his car.

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