40 thoughts on “Deadly Drag Race Crash Compilation

  1. Powerman5000 sucks badly it's Rob zombies brother please dont ever play this garbage again it's so much better to hear the engines than this song at the beginning and then the 80's song for the second pic.. please never! People like to hear what's actually happening.. are you the moron that I went to jail over because you wouldn't turn your music down at the forth of July fireworks display and got smart with me so I knowcked you out with a jaw punch which broke your jaw. Was that you? Eric I believe ….99% of people don't wanna hear music they like to explosions and loud engines

  2. Try reuploading without the shitty "music". Couldn't stand it beyond 30 seconds and I like heavy metal. Nobody likes music overlays in these kinds of videos. Airplanes, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats all make the sounds people want to hear.

  3. Probably 2.5/3 of these crashes people survived in the crashes I race for this same sport of the NHRA too I race Jr.Dragster if you look on my channel I do race a Jr. Dragster

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