Crazy Drag Racing Mishaps!

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Author: Free Life Films

20 thoughts on “Crazy Drag Racing Mishaps!

  1. Clearly there is something wrong with the raceway and it needs to be fixed.

    I also think the track owners are financially responsible for ALL repairs on those cars too.

    Same spots most of the cars lost control too!

    Pretty obvious!!

  2. Tracks should strip the rubber off the tracks after the 1/8 mile so tires can have better traction…..lots of tracks are like skating rinks on the last half

  3. Why cant we just put all the fox bodies into a crusher and be rid of them? Seems like an idiotic choice of body as many of them seem attracted to walls

  4. This proves that Mustangs will try and find a sidewalk anywhere, even if they need to drive through a concrete barrier at 160mph

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