Backwoods Cash Days GONE WRONG

Unfortunately one racer crashed (but walked away luckily due to his roll cage), some tempers were let loose, and of course there were some crazy close races …


Author: 1320video

24 thoughts on “Backwoods Cash Days GONE WRONG

  1. Just watched this again and either all the nitrous S10 pickups here look the same, or that guy is racing everyone sometimes back to back lol.

  2. Anybody notice the dipshit with the fire extinguisher towards the end during the wreck that didn't even know how to use the shit. Good thing it wasn't a big ass fire dude woulda been fucked with worse than a broken leg.

  3. I live very close to brown county and this is the most brown county esc shit I’ve ever seen. All my grandparents who live in brown county have hot rods and my dad has a 86 Buick grand national and he is from brown county

  4. The cutaway to the other show was absolutely effing hilarious and so perfect, it's how I feel about half of these things sometimes LOL – accept the characters the cast on the show play might have a little more couth then a few people here and there throughout miscellaneous grudge racing on the street

  5. that guys keeps saying who wins like we cant see. if you have to mention that they won by a lot then you have to know we can tell lol

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