39 thoughts on “9th Annual All American Originals Car Show (2019)

  1. Really nice video. Thanks for sharing this. These cars were just awesome. All pristine originals. The more I watched, I just couldn't believe the quality of all these cars and their drivers. 👍

  2. I wish the dealership could go back making old cars like this…..you could tell the difference back then when you had a..Ford…dodge..Chevy…ect…….beautiful cars!!!!!!!…..my favorite is 1949 mercury chop top…..1969 gto…

  3. Olá amigos – Muito bom o vídeo. Um verdadeiro desfile de relíquias. Me inscrevi. Parabéns pelas imagens. Convido você a visitar meu canal (clicar na foto ao lado) para ver mais vídeos de carros, só que daqui de minha cidade (Florianópolis – Brasil) onde temos um colecionador de caminhões e outros apaixonados por carros antigos. Agradeço a visita e a inscrição. Forte abraço!

  4. Back in the day my uncle had one of those land barge Caddys. One time he was refuelling and the pump jockey asked him to shut it off as he couldn’t keep up.

  5. I'm planning to keep this info and, hopefully attend the next time. I have a 1956 Lincoln Premiere, totally restored. I might take it down to enter it ( I live in Portland OR). It is for sale and I might sell it before then… I'm gettin' too old.

  6. Anyone who touches any of those beauties with anything other than a polishing towel should be immediately shot!

  7. Saludos desde Ecuador, ….Q HERMOSURAS D AUTOS CLASICO 🚐🚗🚘🚓Soy un AMANTE D ESOS CARROS..tanto q Yo tengo un Cherovlet Nova 78 ''👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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