26 thoughts on “8th Annual Whittier Area Classic Car Show (2019) – Part 1

  1. I have fond memories of cruising Whittier Blvd back in the Late 70's….6 miles of bumper to bumper cars and every parking lot from Harbor Blvd to the 605 Fwy was packed with cars and motorcycles. The cars my buddies and I had: '66 GTO, '69 Camaro SS, '64 Falcon Sprint, '69 Dart GT, '69 GTO Judge, 70' AAR 'Cuda, my '64 Impala SS 409…and we were High School kids, you could buy these cars used for around $1,000 back then…VW's you could get for $50 – $100.

  2. As an Aussie I can't get my head around how you can drive a car without rego plates can't happen here cops would be all over you

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