33 thoughts on “25 Fatal Racing Crashes LIVE/Original Footage

  1. If anyone else comments about the music, or audio quality your comment will be removed and you will possibly be blocked. I know the audio is a bit quiet. I don't want the victims families seeing this tribute video, and seeing a bunch of hate in the comments. If you have a question or comment about the audio, dm me at @zach_gibson44487121 on Instagram. Thanks for your cooperation ๐Ÿ‘. Rest In Peace to all those who died in this video. You will forever be missed. โ™ฅ๏ธ

  2. Henri Toivonen was possibly the most brutal I've ever seen. His car literally exploded, killing him and his co-driver instantly. He had a wife and two kids and he couldn't even have a funeral.

  3. I think what you have said is very true. Sometimes having music done like this is so to add a sense that these clips are not of entertainment but of deep sadness to those who lost their lives doing what they love. No one should lose their lives in Motorsport but no matter how much safety measures are put in place and how safe the drivers are during the race, there is nothing that can prepare you for a moment of pure horror and shock for when something like this happens. Because no one can predict when this sort of disaster happens. To all those who are currently in Motorsport stay safe and be safe. To those who have lost their lives rest in peace.

  4. The Tom Pryce crash was even sadder because that young marshall also died. Neither he nor Pryce had any chance of seeing each other and it was just a terrible tragedy. May they both, and the other drivers in this video Rest In Peace.

    I dont know if any of the others involved were seriously injured as well. I surely hope not.

  5. Racing is very very dangerous because its life and death you are risking. RIP Dale Earnhardt you will be missed and still be considered the best NASCAR driver to ever live

  6. A sad reality for the pursuit of excellence.
    Nobody wants to see it, yet it speaks to the bravery, courage, and passion of all drivers.
    Rest in Peace to all the souls we have lost.

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