28 thoughts on “2016 Show and Go Car Cruise Riverside

  1. A blast from the pass, 😱the muscle cars that was the era man there will never be another!!!🤠🤗💪🔥🇺🇸💯

  2. Best thing about this vid was the fact that all of the cars were American, with the exception of a few VW's. U.S.A. made the best cars in the world….American muscle cars.

  3. Hello, my name is Jesus, and manage a fanpage on Facebook called "Chevy fans". I've seen your video and I'd like to share it. I'm asking for your permission since I'wouldn't like to violate the copyright on it. Hope you let me share it. Thank you in advance!

  4. Shout out to the city of Riverside fire department thank you guys for all you do I don't even live there but I appreciate you when the hard work and sacrifices and risks that you all take thank you very much and God bless you all

  5. I just loved looking at all those seeing all those cars from another era. When cars were different. My time… Thank-you for posting loved it!!!!!

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