2014 THRILLS & SPILLS – Drag Racing Crashes

HD for BEST Quality – The Carnival of Carnage is back, featuring some of the wildest rides from the 2014 Season. Includes crashes, wheelstands, explosions …



46 thoughts on “2014 THRILLS & SPILLS – Drag Racing Crashes

  1. Forgive my ignorance, I'm English and sadly there are only 2 drag strips in my country (that I know of anyway so please correct me if I'm wrong) .
    Simple question. Is the quarter mile or 1/8 mile section of the strip which is covered in rubber sticky or slick? Does this depend on temperature or humidity as to whether the surface grips or is like an ice rink?
    I fucking love this shit. Those v8's burbling is like sniffing petrol at the station…bliss

  2. I've been watching a lot of drag racing videos, many of which highlight crashes, and it occurs to me that those mid-'80s Mustangs are very unstable cars.

  3. I like how people take off running down the strip, getting in the way of the responders on/in vehicles who will get there faster and have useful equipment, and generating more casualties if anything explodes after they eventually get there having run 1/8 of a mile.

  4. I assume there was 1/8th mile stuff on here too. as much as I don't like it , it must suck if you crash just off the start line. And not have too much distance to go. but that being said there was lots of action in this vid. well done.

  5. What's going on at 2:46? It looks like one the officials (blue shirt with logos) uses the mop to call off the driver in the near lane, which is repeated by the polo shirt guy giving the "kill it" gesture. Then logo guy runs to the other side, presumably to stop the other driver and stop the signal man from running the Christmas tree, but he's a second too late. The orange car goes. Is that normal tire smoke at 2:55, or did he hit a puddle? Tracks often look slick, but it appears to be fully raining by 3:05.

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