22 thoughts on “20 Fatal Racing Crashes Of The 2000's Live/Original Audio

  1. The final fatal crash (Henry Surtees), the impact of him hitting the wall isn’t what killed him. If you notice the first accident of this clip, you will see the first car hit the wall and lose a wheel. At 13:13 you will see the wheel strike Henry on the top of the helmet in his car (blue/yellow car) and this is when he loses conscious and his foot sticks on the accelerator and he crashes into the wall. He was airlifted to a hospital in London and was later pronounced dead. I was confused after watching this video and wanted more information on it and this is what I found. May him and all the others who lost their lives doing what they love Rest In Peace.

  2. Eric Martin's death was totally avoidable if track caution lights were working during practice and, oh yeah, FUCKING RADIO COMMS, like WTF?!?!?!?!

  3. Peter Brock in 2006 I remember as a four year old watching the news when it showed Brockys crash, we lost a true Australian Motorsport legend. 5 days earlier we lost Steve Irwin. Two Australian legends gone in a couple of days so very sad 😢

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