Wonderful Photo of This 1960 Mack H-67 COE

1960 Mack H-67 COE

Dan and Joe’s place in SW Ohio. The Snakedoctor and I were out at Dan and Joe’s when this cool rig pulled up. As I was taking pictures of it, the owner was pressuring me to buy it. If I had unlimited money and a place big enough to keep it, I’d certainly be tempted. As it is, I had to pass, but I love the truck.

While I like to shoot trucks and am certainly old enough to have seen some of these, I’m discovering how little I really know about them all the time. I just don’t remember Mack making trucks like this. I guess I was too stuck looking at the B models.

If you are interested in buying this truck, I could probably put you in touch with the owner.

Posted by J Wells S on 2013-04-14 20:51:42

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