Notton Classic Car Show 2016

Last weekend, I took a visit to a classic car show in Notton, which is based around the outskirts of Wakefield, and is a great little village. We arrived at the show quite late, so a lot of the cars had gone by the time we got there, but even so there was still some fantastic cars, including a simply stunning Porsche 356, a very rare car which looked beautiful in the Silver/Blue colour. Parked around the 356 there was a couple of other TVR’s including two Tuscan’s and a Tamora, and a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera. There was also a nice selection of muscle cars and American cars at the show, including an awesome Yellow Dodge Charger, a Chevrolet Camaro Iroc Z, a few Mustang’s both new and old, and a few others. We managed to get a few shots of the cars at the show and most of the cars leaving, some of which sounded fantastic. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this video. Thanks for watching.

Songs Used (In Order);
Silent Partner – Bounce It (YouTube Audio Library)
Gunnar Olsen – Raw Deal (YouTube Audio Library)
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