1971 Dodge Dart Swinger 340 cubic inch

Here’s a walk down Memory Lane for all you (North American) retro classic car buffs and enthusiasts.
This paint colour and insignia will undoubtedly be all that’s needed to trigger your mind’s eye into remembering the exact car, make and model.

The classic Dodge Dart (1960-1976) came in a variety of engines from the 6 cylinder model right up to the screaming hemi.

The most popular, muscle Darts were those of 4th generation 1968-1976.

MOPAR or no CAR, as the Dodge owners say 🙂

Currently I am involved in a restore of a 1968 Dodge Dart.
She was purchased as a complete surprise by family for my last birthday.
In my younger days, muscle cars were a huge part of my youth.
I conjointly built some lean, mean muscle machines and did some recreational racing, that included racing on the quarter mile track.
I owned a 1968 Dodge Charger and to this day, I am still kicking my own ass for not keeping the classic and ever loved car that began the muscle car era – The GTO.
Mine was a 1966

Over the hot summer months, my plans include posting some of the beautiful cars and trucks that cross my path and capture both my eye and heart.
In return, I will display them proudly in hopes that other people may have a chance to enjoy their beauty as well.

…….and hopefully, by next summer I may even have some of my own car to display.

I know this specific image will attract a limited audience and for those that may be interested, I have including my Classic Cars & Hot Rods album.

Posted by Christie : Colour & Light Collection on 2017-05-29 07:01:06

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