Hot rod – Fire bucket

Hot rod - Fire bucket

This is another motorized hot rod from my speed shop 😉 smallest and fastest so far.
General info:
Dimensions: 35 studs long, 19 studs wide and 18 studs high.
Weight: 703g
Motors: 1 RC buggy, 1 PF servo
1 8878 battery
1 PF IR receiver
1 PF switch
2 PF lights
Functions and features:
Drive: RC buggy motor (5292), RWD
Steering: Servo motor
Suspension: Front independent; rear – dragged axle
Lights (front and rear) manually controlled with a lever (PF switch) behind steering wheel
Doors with working door handles.
Custom chrome details: wheels, engine parts, radiator grill, door handles, side mirrors…
Custom stickers: Doors, license plate, dashboard.

Posted by sm 01 on 2014-12-02 15:38:12

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