Bungotaka Classic Car Show 2018 \ R32 GTR \ Hakosuka \ Mazda’s First Car \

Have you ever seen a Dinosaur Truck? What does that even mean?!?! Check this video out and find out! I go to the Bungotakada Classic Car Show in this video to check out some awesome and rare classic JDM Cars!

Highlights in Today’s Video:

An R32 that is actually a rarity in Japan these days.
A Mazda three wheel truck carrying a triceratops (huh?)
A SUPER clean Nissan ( Datsun ) Fairlady 2000
A Widebody NSX that ticks ALL the boxes!
A JDM Ford 1973 MUSTANG!?
A Hakosuka Skyline with an engine bay clean enough to eat off of.
A Ford Model T

Come on and let’s check out the Bungotakada Custom Car Show together!!


Holding On – Lakey Inspired

Reminisce – Lakey Inspired

Summertime Love – Lakey Inspired

Smooth Soulful Boom Bap – Annex