Amazing Classic Car Show Music Video – American Graffiti Car Show At McHenry Village

The city of Modesto, California is the birthplace and home of the cruising car culture and American Graffiti the movie. George Lucas who was born in Modesto and grew up in Modesto wrote his 1973 hit film from his own experiences growing up in Modesto, California.

Every year the city comes together to host several car shows throughout the month of June. Part of what makes these car shows possible is the hard work and dedication of the car clubs in the city. The Modesto Area Street Rod Association is one of those great car clubs.

Every year the car club hosts an American Graffiti Classic Car Show in the McHenry Village. This year we were there to capture the event on film with this rocking music video.

To find out more information about the Modesto Area Street Rod Association you can visit their website at .

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