2nd annual Future Classics Car Show – #FCCS2017

ClassicCars.com celebrated future collector cars with a show of their own Monday, set during Arizona Car Week atop a parking garage at the Scottsdale Quarter, an upscale shopping district.

More than 100 cars, produced from 1975 to 2017 model years, glistened against a backdrop of the McDowell Mountains, with a view of WestWorld, and Scottsdale’s glimmering city lights.

Asian, European, and domestic brands were represented at the show, along with a blending of generations, from baby boomers to millennials and those in-between.

At the conclusion of the show, the cars rolled out together in a parade lap and then dispersed once they hit the street level.

Cars were judged by a panel led by Classic Car News East Coast editor Andy Reid.

The show featured vehicles that may be overlooked by some collectors but that are celebrated not only by millennials but by others as well.

The featured marque this year was Ford.

“All of the cars that are now viewed as ‘classic’ were all just cars at one point,” said John Clor, enthusiast communications manager for Ford Performance.

“People collect with emotion and they save what pushes their buttons.”

Clor noted that several years ago, the general consensus was that Japanese cars would never be “collectible.” Yet the Datsun 240Z has become a cherished part of many collections and other formerly misfit cars, like the Honda S2000, are being restored on television shows such as Wheeler Dealers.

“We were so honored to be your featured marque because we can tell the show is based on passion, the love of cars, and we share that passion,” Clor said.

“We believe the ST, the RS, and the Ecoboost Mustang are the collector cars of tomorrow for the future generation. We want to give the joy, the freedom, and an awesome driving experience to everyone. We want it to be accessible to everyone.”