1935 Pontiac-The most beautiful thing on wheels

In 1935 an ad in the Saturday Evening Post touted that “Only from a great Modern Plant could come a low-priced car so fine”. True, this sleek and shiny classic today was what made the “Highlights of Pontiac Quality for 1935”. This beauty combined Solid Steel ‘Turret-Top’ Bodies by Fisher with Triple-Sealed Hydraulic brakes.

Topped off with a stunning two tone red and black paint scheme got you noticed real quick.

Featuring Speedlined Styling, Silver-Alloy Bearing Engines,and spacious Luggage and Spare Tire Compartment.

The vintage ad also mentions that prices for their Sixes and Eights were $615 and up.

I enjoy collecting and preserving these classic car advertisements. This will go to the top of my must have list for sure.